Back to Black

So a couple months later, and so much wiser, I find myself far distanced from the infamous Mr. Bingley. As he graduated and moved somewhere else I never actually saw him again after summer time. But good thing for you guys -not so much for me –  my very unsuccessful love life continues and I have a few new candidates to introduce to you.

Sebastian, a very old fashioned guy, as well on the boy’s varsity team who apparently had been waiting to take over Mr Bingley’s role. However after a date and a couple of nights out I have realised that I am just not romantically interested in him. It is odd how that works. Someone fits all the bills, yet the feeling is not there.

Spencer, a friend of Liz and a really handsome young man, however; again, I don’t think I am interested.

And finally Tiger, he has become a really good friend of mine although he keeps sending me love letters, and again, you can probably guess it: not interested.

Anyhoo, this was just a post to keep you guys up to date. More will follow.

Stay golden my little ponyboys and stay strong my fellow awkward-turtles out there,

Yours truly, Maple.


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